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Cheerful Children’s Book connects /ch/ sound

/Ch/ is a digraph – two letters that make one sound. “Chester’s Way” by Kevin Henkes is an entertaining connection to /ch/. Chester and Wilson enjoy the same interests – an obvious indicator that they are best friends. A girl in their neighborhood named Lily enters the story as a cheery outsider who does thingsContinue reading “Cheerful Children’s Book connects /ch/ sound”

Itsy Bitsy Short /i/

A common visual cue used with short /i/ is to act out itching. I discovered “Itsy Bitsy” Spider by Keith Chapman at the public library this summer. Not only does it include many opportunities to hear short /i/, there are many animal sounds. This would be a great book to read for examples of onomatopoeia.Continue reading “Itsy Bitsy Short /i/”